Welcome to Roadtrip '99!! We've graduated from College (or will be soon)and are embarking upon the mother of all road trips as a last hurrah to the carefree college life before settling down to jobs and careers. Being from California, our trip takes us tothe unexplored great cities of the midwest and east coast: Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, New York, Washington DC, Trouteville (YES!!), Nashville, and all the cities in between. Being the information age, we have enabled our friends and family to watch our progress via live updates to this page using a Toshiba digital camera. Updates will be posted as the trip progresses!!

7/17/99 - DC was great, and it was great to tour the capital and catch up with our good friend Lonnie from High School. Let me tell you, $1 drinks for three guys who have dropped a lot of cash in the high-rolling cities of NYC, Boston, and Chicago was a great thing, and we had a good time hanging out with Lonnie's friends from George Washington. Unfortunately, because of a missed opportunity to download the previous day's pictures, there are only 4 pictures of Washington. But NYC days 1 and 2, the drive to DC, and our stay in Washington have all been uploaded. As for Troutville and the adventures we've had since DC, go here to get a short narrative of our adventures south of the Mason Dixon Line.

7/14/99 - Halfway done! Whew! We have finally left NYC and not a minute too soon. For Michael and Todd, it started on a bad note, as the Big Apple made a horrible impression. Dave was able to put aside the smell and congestion and enjoy from day one. Michael and Todd finally came around and all agree... Nice to visit... You'd have to pay a lot to get us to live there!

Now... we're on to Washington D.C. and our nation's capitol. Our good friend Butter, who works with Burbank's Congressman James Rogan (R) - California, has hooked us up with a tour of the Capitol Building, and hopefully the White House (Our fingers are crossed, but our breaths are not being held).

As for updates... As soon as we get some more batteries for the camera, we can download the pictures and put them up. There's not a lot from NYC, and not much from the trip (Jersey and PA are pretty boring).

An added feature... Michael is making a little account of the trip's activities and it's pretty interesting how he puts it... Take a look!

More to Follow!!