Connecticut Drives to Legos And Laundry

Routes travelled.
Leaving Boston, we took the Pike to I-84, then deviated off the interstate through the rural Connecticut backroads in search of the Lego Distribution Center. Dave didn't get pictures of Lego, but here's some rural Connecticut with Diamante dash reflection. Radar detector is in the foreground.
Needing to to Laundry at least once this trip, and not wanting to do it in Midtown Manhattan, we decided to utilize the Enfield, CT laundry facilities.
Back on the Interstate, we pass through Downtown Hartford. The skyline is evident.
A brief double-decker freeway south of Hartford.
As we near the big apple, overhead signs direct us to our next stop. Dave thought these diagrammic signs were cool. NYC had even better examples.
The exit for the notorious Cross Bronx Expressway of Robert Moses Fame. Known for its destruction of Bronx neighborhoods in the 1950s.
Traffic in the Bronx....
Crazy interchange as we cross over the Harlem River.
Just off the West Side Highway on 54th street towards Midtown.
We are blocks from our destination....