Turnpikes, Thruways, and Toyota-driving Tyrants

Routes travelled.
Thank You, PA!!
Typical rural Pennsylvania along I-90.
Nearby destinations....
We leave PA behind and its threat of speed traps and enter a more lenient New York. With radar detector set, Todd picks up the pace.
More stinking toll booths. Total toll for the day would be over $12, not to mention being held captive to expensive gas and rip-off food eateries at the self contained travel plazas along the Thruway and the Mass Pike.
One of many toll plazas. These would cause massive traffic backups later in the trip along the various Thruway exits.
We wanted to take a ride in a barrel, but this would be the longest driving day of the trip, so we pressed on....
What!? Gas lines circa 1973!? No, just the choicelessness of the Thruway Service Plazas. Signs later proclaimed "Your Tolls at Work" which would explain the undue lavishness of some of the newly renovated service plazas.
Tender loving care given to the Diamante.
Rural New York. Gloom sets in. A green Intrepid becomes the object of our interests for the next many miles....
Cresting a hill west of Albany.
Turn-of-the-century barns and farm landscape whiz by.
Central Albany. While New York City will be a later destination, We jog south along the Thruway to avoid the traffic of rush hour.
Exit for the Mass Pike. We're getting closer!
Crossing the Hudson River on the Mass Pike Extension.
Todd "gets on it" coming out of the Mass Pike toll plaza.
The Mass Pike has a cool marker, a little pilgrim hat circa Jefferson Elementary Thanksgiving decorations.
Little Mass Pike marker again. The turnpike gets urban as we enter the urban fringes of Boston. We are tired but still alert. The trip had been much shorter than we had thought.
...Dollah-Twenty-Faive Pahp!
Michael (foreground) and the Psycho guy who wouldn't get off our tail and kept blinking me with his headlights... despite the fact that there were 5 cars in front of me and we were already exceeding the speed limit (I will not say by how much).
Todd looks cool the whole time... never letting "road rage" get to him... And the sunroof made for very nice rides!
We arrive in Downtown Boston tired but ready for action.