We Meet the Midwest

Routes Travelled....
Ford World Headquarters in Detroit off I-94.
Toledo, OH, as we exit I-75 for the Ohio Turnpike. Damn Turnpikes....
We are forced onto the toll road to continue on to Cleveland. Todd and David discuss the validity of Toll Roads on the free interstate system and plot ways to avoid tolls by using back roads instead.
Miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles.
Witnessing the effectiveness of the Ohio State Police, we decide to play it cool and keep it under 70.
Consulting the map....
Avoiding tolls by taking the back roads.
Downtown Cleveland looms ahead.
The skyline comes into view.
Welcome to Cleveland!
One of the latest and greatest ballparks in baseball, Jacobs Field.
OK, who decided to place a ninety degree turn in the middle of an interstate??!!
Deadman's Curve of the interstate system.
Leaving Cleveland, the landscape of the Geneva area becomes apparent.
The mighty Geneva, OH, exit.
Downtown Geneva.