New York City

Arriving in the Big Apple for the first time, we make our way from the Hotel to the lights of Times Square and Broadway.
Times Square. It's even more incredible at night - kind of like an East Coast Las Vegas.
Our first stop on our first full day in NYC was to visit Battery Park and see the Statue of Liberty. This is the view of Lower Manhattan from the tip of the island.
As the boat pulls away from the mainland heading out to Liberty Island....
The statue of liberty under gloomy skies. This is taken from the boat as we approach the island
David posing with the Manhattan skyline from Liberty Island.
Todd contemplates the symbol of liberty and freedom as it has been seen by so many new immigrants to the United States
View of Ellis Island as it would have been seen by an arriving immigrant ship (couple in foreground no relation, just in the way of the shot).
Exploring the neighborhood around lower Manhattan. This is Broad Street down near the financial district.
More of Broad Steet. This is a good example of old and new buildings mixed together on the same street. Most of New York consisted of this mix of old and new.
The Manhattan approach to the Brooklyn Bridge.
We trudge up the western approach towards Brooklyn as traffic whizzes below us.
View looking North towards Manhattan.
The Empire State Building and the Midtown Skyline.
Todd contemplates the old neighborhood streetscape of Brooklyn Heights. This is a restored and heavily gentrified example, but it definately gave the feel of the old neighborhoods of NYC. This is Montague Street.
As the sun begins to set, we breathe in the view of Manhattan from the Promenade at the end of residential Montague Street. FDR Drive is directly below us, but it is engineered in such a way as to not be intrusive to the neighborhood. The noise from the expressway cannot be heard until you are directly over the railing.