Michael and Todd in front of the State House of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Strange coincedence, isn't it?
David and Todd contemplate a dip in the Charles until Michael realizes that it will cause you to contract botulism.
Michael points out the John Hancock Building, where the genius contractors installed the wrong windows during construction. The result? Giant panes of glass falling from the 43rd story in the first strong wind... Umm Hmm....
We met up with Michael's old roomates from MIT. Lunch was at Chili's in Copley Place (a mall and hotel combined).
Walking through Downtown Crossing.
Look at these happy campers. The humidity had definately begun to take effect. It would later rain.
A particular CAL graduate was pleased to see this street sign in our travels.
The State House, where Jefferson read the Declaration of Independence for the first time.
Todd contemplates the effects of 1950's urban freeway construction on the fabric of the inner city and the unequal distribution of burden these projects bore on different segments of the urban population. This is the Central Artery, I-93, as it threads its way through the core of downtown Boston. This early expressway is being demolished and replaced with an underground facility.