More New York

Todd Contemplates the hustle and bustle of rush hour Grand Central Terminal.
Another poor shot of the main concourse.
Wall Street.
Traders take a quick cigarette break in front of the New York Stock Exchange.
The front of the NYSE. The tour was actually disappointing compared to the live, interactive trading that took place at the Chicago Merchantile Exchange (where cow futures and the like are traded).
Walking through Little Italy in search of lunch. The weather this day was beautiful - about 78 degrees and not humid at all.
We consult the menu at a local streetside restaurant. The sauce on my ravioli was excellent.
The mighty Empire State Building. We were pissed because the top observation deck was closed. We had to make due with the view from street level.
After lunch, we took a train uptown to 86th Ave. and decided to walk back to our hotel through Central Park. The park was great, but being that the hotel was on 54th Ave, and we had been walking all day yesterday and many days before that, it was a slow process. The length and pace of the entire trip had begun to take its toll.